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T-shirt Balaclava 0

T-shirt Balaclava

For those of you interested in designing and making your own fursuit, I have added this video tutorial on how to make your own balaclava to build your head on, from a t-shirt. The...

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DIY Smudge Guard Gloves 0

Smudge Guard Gloves from Socks

Two artists I know were complaining that their drawings often got smudged and that they saw these gloves online you could buy to protect your paper. They also work if you are drawing on...

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Make a movable jaw for your balaclava based fursuit head. 0

Movable Jaw Balaclava Base

In this video I summarize the steps I took to create a movable jaw for a balaclava fursuit base. Once you have this in place you can begin adding foam to build the head....

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Burlap Bulletin Board made by marni 2

DIY Burlap Bulletin Board made by marni

Looking for a large cork board of some kind to use in my office at work (so I can display the cool creative my team is doing) I found the ones online were too expensive and...

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Guitar stand cozy

Ah the many uses for yarn…. if you can think it you can do it! My poor Martin guitar has been getting scuffed from the very worn out rubber that used to cushion it...

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Initial Cork Wall Decor 0

Wine Cork Initial Wall Hanging

What does one do with all those wine corks? Make a Wine Cork Initial Wall Hanging for one thing! I came across this idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I...