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Abacus Bracelet Made by Marni 0

Abacus Bracelet

I’m so excited about this Abacus Bracelet designed by me! It’s awesome. Easy to wear, durable and even a great fidget toy 🙂 An abacus bracelet is a great tool for knitters and crocheters...

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DIY Denima Wrist Cuff madebymarni 0

DIY Denim Wrist Cuff

What a fun and easy sewing project to make. This DIY Denim Wrist Cuff was inspired from Pinterest (of course). Many thanks to EcoEtsy for posting the super easy tutorial – which you can...

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Crocheted Bracelet

This crocheted bracelet was inspired by a DIY bracelet I found on Pinterest, using a t-shirt and ribbon clamps. I decided to substitute the t-shirt strands with crocheted strands. I created one thick strand...