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Small Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern 0

Bunny’s Dog Sweater

Knit this cute dog sweater in no time! One evening was all it took me. The knitting pattern was well written and easy to follow. Knit in one piece with no seams! And now...

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Love Shrug Knitting Pattern with Heart Motif 0

The Love Shrug Knitting Pattern

Expanding upon the Simple Knit Shrug, I designed a new pattern that will literarily have you wearing your heart on your sleeve! I incorporate a really cool and easier than you think heart motif...

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Messy Bun Hat Chunky Knitting Pattern 1

Chunky Knit Messy Bun Hat

Happy Fourth of July! To celebrate my freedom and independence I spent the weekend doing what I love to do – make stuff! So here I present to you The Chunky Knit Messy Bun...

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Hat Cowl #2 Free Knitting Pattern

Knit in the round, this free knitting pattern designed by me is a versatile piece that can be worn as a hat or a cowl. For men and women. I’ve made it using an...

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Simple Knit Baby Shrug Free Knitting Pattern 0

Simple Knit Baby Shrug

One of the comments I received requested a knitting pattern for a Simple Knit Baby Shrug. After doing the math and working the stitches I came up with a finished pattern that fits a one-year...

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Knitted Shrug made by marni 106

Simple Knitted Shrug

The inspiration for this pattern came from the need for a shoulder shrug to wear before Barre class. Not that I take Barre classes, but I know someone who does and she suggested a...

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Knitted Yoga Socks mbm 2

Knitted Yoga Socks

Knit a pair of warm yoga socks to keep your ankles warm while you warm up. Truth be told these can also be worn as fingerless gloves! Materials needed: Worsted weight yarn. I use...

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