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Love Shrug Knitting Pattern with Heart Motif 0

The Love Shrug Knitting Pattern

Expanding upon the Simple Knit Shrug, I designed a new pattern that will literarily have you wearing your heart on your sleeve! I incorporate a really cool and easier than you think heart motif...

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Abacus Bracelet Made by Marni 0

Abacus Bracelet

I’m so excited about this Abacus Bracelet designed by me! It’s awesome. Easy to wear, durable and even a great fidget toy 🙂 An abacus bracelet is a great tool for knitters and crocheters...

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T-shirt Balaclava 0

T-shirt Balaclava

For those of you interested in designing and making your own fursuit, I have added this video tutorial on how to make your own balaclava to build your head on, from a t-shirt. The...

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Knitted Yoga Socks mbm 2

Knitted Yoga Socks

Knit a pair of warm yoga socks to keep your ankles warm while you warm up. Truth be told these can also be worn as fingerless gloves! Materials needed: Worsted weight yarn. I use...

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Make a movable jaw for your balaclava based fursuit head. 0

Movable Jaw Balaclava Base

In this video I summarize the steps I took to create a movable jaw for a balaclava fursuit base. Once you have this in place you can begin adding foam to build the head....

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Crocheted Wine Bottle Cozy mbm 11

Crocheted Wine Bottle Cozy

Updated Dec. 19, 2015 to include a YouTube video tutorial. Every now and then my husband and I go to a BYOB house concert. I pack a basket with a thermos of coffee, cups,...

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Knitted Baby Booties Tutorial

After having received some feedback for this pattern courtesy of visits through, it came to my attention that I needed to add some clarification and add two more sizes to it. This video shows...

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How to Cast On Knitting 0

How to Cast On Knitting

In this video I show you how I cast on using the Continental “long tail” method. I learned to cast on knitting this way while I lived in Germany many years ago. I also...