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T-shirt Balaclava

T-shirt Balaclava

Make your own balaclava from a t-shirt!

For those of you interested in designing and making your own fursuit, I have added this video tutorial on how to make your own balaclava to build your head on, from a t-shirt. The benefits are that t-shirts are soft and breathable giving you more comfort when you where your fursuit. Why is Marni posting about fursuits you may ask? Well it’s a long story that begins with my extremely creative imaginative daughter… and ends with me saying, “Well why not! Let’s do this!”

T-shirt Balaclava

T-shirt Balaclava – Materials

The balaclava is sewn with one simple seam. That’s it!

Simply download the pattern below, print on two sheets of regular letter size paper, connect the triangles to get the pattern as one piece which you lay on a t-shirt folded inside out. Position the pattern so that the chin is on the folded side of the t-shirt (under the arm).


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