Camo Sunday Shawl

I am crazy about making these shawls. Sometimes they sort of take on a life of their own and decide who they are for before I do….  So I guess they really are made with love. It takes me about a week to do, because I get into it and find it hard to put down. I call this one the Camo Sunday Shawl. I love the earthy green and browns. Reminds me of the Pacific Northwest. The moss, the ferns, the stones, the dark earth…. and so this shawl will be making it’s way there in fact, to hug someone special for me.

The Sunday Shawl pattern was created by Alia and can be purchased on any of these sites:

My 5 Lion Brand yarn choices:

Main color: Joshua Tree
Secondary colors: Grand Canyon | Mammoth Cave | Black Canyon | Sequoia

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  1. Mom says:

    reminds me of the over the head shawl you made me a few years ago that I’m wearing right now!

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