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Aztec Poncho Free Pattern 0

AZTEC Poncho with Fringe

Inspired by the look of the Andean Poncho and a great piece of fabric, I designed the AZTEC PONCHO WITH FRINGE. What a great accessory for cooler weather. I got myself to Joann Fabrics...

Knitted Shrug made by marni 106

Simple Knitted Shrug

The inspiration for this pattern came from the need for a shoulder shrug to wear before Barre class. Not that I take Barre classes, but I know someone who does and she suggested a...

Toes exposed 2

Knitted Yoga Socks

Toes and heels are free in these cute Knitted Yoga Socks Yessssss — a pair of knitted yoga socks to keep your ankles warm while you warm up on the mat. Truth be told...