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o tannenbaum on the piano with knitted fingerless gloves 0

O Tannenbaum

So I started trying to pose my hands for a picture of my latest project, these Heartland Yosemite Fingerless Gloves, which I love, and I was inspired to play and so I made a...


Maxine knitting humor.

For some reason this reminded me of my mom, although she doesn’t knit I think she would like this one if she did! Maxine is one of her favorite comic strips. Hmmm and to...


License to Carry

I might need a license to carry my 9mm pistol, but not my 9mm crochet hook! Watch out people 😉


Knitting and a Snoozing Cat

While knitting last night I noticed how content my cat was to just sit there and not try to attack the yarn like she normally does. Yep, sometimes my cat is content to just...