Crocheted Bottle Cap Trivet

ok, so maybe it’s not actually a trivet, you could also call it a hotpad

An older friend of mine showed me a few crocheted bottle cap hotpads that his grandmother had made a long time ago, and he still had and used! So I’m guessing they were at least 50 years old? Anyway, I liked the idea of up-cycling in a vintage way, especially using crochet thread, and set out to find inspiration on the web.

After checking out Pinterest I ended up on Ravelry. I experimented with one pattern, then another and settled on the latter. Using a 1.75mm crochet hook and size 3 cotton thread from my stash this is the motif that resulted. It was fun to do, especially rearranging the finished crocheted bottle caps into different patterns before deciding on one to sew together.

Here are the colors I used:

You’ll find the pattern here:


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  1. Alexandria Kellogg says:

    I’m making something similar using worsted yarn around wooden discs. My problem is figuring out how to connect them all without having strings or knots showing. Any advice?

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