DIY Burlap Bulletin Board made by marni

Burlap Bulletin Board made by marniLooking for a large cork board of some kind to use in my office at work (so I can display the cool creative my team is doing) I found the ones online were too expensive and besides I love a challenge. So off I went to Pinterest of course and found the inspiration I needed to make my own bulletin board.

Rather than take the easy route of using an existing cork board I went for the big blank canvas version. To do this I needed to adhere cork to the back side of the canvas. This involved a lot of measuring, cutting and…patience. My suggestion if you are going to do this is to get a LOT of glue and install the cork in smaller pieces because trying to get a large piece of cork onside the plywood frame can cause the cork to rip a little… 🙂 Or simply buy a cork board and wrap it in burlap. The reason I chose the canvas is because I wanted a rather large surface.

So here are the supplies I used – all from Joann. Using my coupons of course the project came to $90 including tax. That is because I also purchased chalkboard placeholders and clothespins to use for hanging items on the board.

Supplies for the burlap bulletin board

Supplies for the DIY Burlap Bulletin Board


Glue cork to the back of the canvas.

Glue cork pieces to the back of the canvas. I used masking tape to help close seams tears :/


Lay canvases on burlap piece, stretch and staple evenly.

Lay canvas on burlap piece, stretch and staple evenly.


Add Decorative Nails to the front of the board.

Hammer decorative upholstery nails evenly around the frame.

The board is ready for pinning!


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    very clever – xo-mom

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