Fat Quarter Bundle Rag Quilt

This cute rag quilt made for a baby girl, was created using a Fat Quarter Bundle of 5 that I found on an end cap at HobbyLobby. I have scoured the internet since but can’t find the exact bundle so I apologize for not being able to link to it. I hope it still inspires you to make one! This is a super easy pattern that makes a small quilt,  perfect for a newborn or as a little mat for “tummy time” on the floor.

Finished measurements 30″ x 36″


The rag quilt consists of 3 layers of 20 9×9″ squares.

Here is what I used:

Fat Quarter Bundle

20 9-inch squares Fat Quarter Bundle found at HobbyLobby.com – I picked a cute pink and black Paris theme. I know you can find other “fat quarter bundles” online – or simple purchase 5 hand-picked patterns 1/4 yard each 🙂 I would recommend Joann’s but of course there is always eBay, Etsy, Walmart etc… just search for fat quarter bundles.

Fleece Squares (Inner Lining)

20 9-inch squares of White Fleece Fabric purchased at Joann’s

Flannel Fabric

20 9-inch squares of Magic Moon Flannel Fabric purchased at Joann’s. I purchase 2 yards but only needed 1 1/2 yards.

All-purpose thread

A trusty sewing machine

Mine is a Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine and I LOVE IT. It threads itself, has an thread cutter and doubles as an embroidery machine, which I haven’t yet tried but am excited to give it a go!


Assemble the squares

Starting with the top layer, cut the pattern pieces and lay out the 20 squares in 4 columns and 5 rows. I made the first column of each print in the 5 pack and then continue as follows:

Baby Rag Quilt Assembly

Pick up from top left to right or whatever method you need to remember the order and put this stack aside.

Next you will cut 20 9-inch squares of the fleece inner layer and 20-9 inch squares for the back of the quilt.

Take these three stacks and put them together layer the top, middle and back piece and piling them any way you need to to remember the order they go in.

With your sewing machine sew a straight stitch from one corner to the opposite so as to create an x in each square of three pieces.

These will be sewn together by rows and then the rows sewn together. Here is a great video I used to learn how to do this here: https://www.marnimadeit.com/baby-rag-quilt/

Have fun!

More pics

Ragging the Quilt

Ragging the Quilt






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    Clever, very clever and cute!! xoxo

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