How I fell in love with knitting

What shall I make next

Hmmm what shall I make next?

My love for knitting when I was 16, which was — wait for it — before the Internet (what?!) in 1982, when you had to go to the library and check out a book for information on how to do something. That’s what I happily did. I bought some wool from a yarn store. There were no Michael’s or JoAnn Fabric stores that I was aware of. I remember it was a tweed olive green worsted weight yarn. Beautiful. I bought it to make my boyfriend a sweater. Just a plain pullover. I don’t know how I did it, but I did. I was determined and in love.

I shipped it to him (he had graduated and joined the Navy) and he loved it. Ahhh young love! I do believe that whole experience tied me to knitting forever. The ability to make something and put your thoughts and prayers, your heart full of love into it and then let it go off to its new owner who will hopefully adore it –and you.

At 18 I was fortunate to travel to Europe (Did I mention we didn’t have cell phones. Scary, huh?) and spent time in Germany with dear friends who taught me the continental style of knitting. It took me a couple of weeks feeling like I had two left hands, but I got it. And oh how much easier it was, and faster, and more even. Woohoo! How I now long for those days of quiet, when the TV had nothing on it until the afternoon. There was no cable TV and people sat and talked to each other over coffee, or beer, and read the newspaper. But I digress 🙂

The bottom line is, I fell in love with knitting, with yarn,  and with making things.

How I fell in love with knitting.

I would go on to knit things for myself and others. A sweater for my first nephew when he was a baby. For me and my baby during and after my pregnancies. I would knit for someone who was sick, or for kids with cancer. I devoured magazines or books with patterns in them, I secretly wanted to have my own yarn store. I envied women who could knit for a living.

And then there was YouTube

Youtube has become the new library of sorts… I embraced it but I confess I do like the actual library and just learning from a person – in person. This is still possible and there are of course (and thank goodness) still little yarn shops that teach, as do the larger craft stores. You’ll find me on YouTube as well, with tutorials that are meant to help you through some patterns and questions. I enjoy receiving feedback and comments and maybe someday will expand my channel.

Captivating Cowl hero shot

Yarn and pattern was a gift from my daughter. She got the cowl as my gift to her.

The zen of knitting

In all stages of my life – knitting, and eventually also crocheting would represent whatever I was going through or who I was thinking of, or anything I was dreaming about. As many of you out there know, knitting is meditative, reflective, and it is so easy to fall in love with it. Sometimes I design my own patterns. Sometimes I review and share other designs I love.

Finishing a project is an amazing moment because not only do you see the beauty of your work, but now there is more space for a new project. Knitting is like being in the NOW, and then letting go making space for the next “now”.

And so the cycle goes and continues. Like life.

why I blog

The beginning

The beginning… started this crochet project at my father’s funeral, in Montana.

Blogging for me helps me keep track of my own projects. Like a personal scrapbook to share with the world. And I can go back and refer to patterns and photos whenever I want. And its also serves as a personal journal because I look at my posts and what I made and remember “that time in my life when..”. or “I remember feeling like…” or “that shawl really helped me get through…” or “dang that took forever but was so worth it…”

But really my ultimate goal in this digital world is to share and inspire others to make their own things, to fall in love and to give love.

While the Internet is amazing for a lot of things… like connecting like-minded people from all the corners of the world, breaking down barriers, it can also be too much. Lots of things that we could fill our minds with that don’t really serve us in the end.

Isn’t it nice

that there is this global community of fellow yarn enthusiasts out there making their own happiness with a simple ball of yarn and a hook, or some needles. Getting excited about new yarn, unashamed of their stash. Unabashedly going for a new pattern. I applaud you all for doing what you do and being who you are.

Being creative and making things is the BEST therapy in this crazy mixed up world. So do it. Fall in love with knitting, and yourself, and the world will be better for it.

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  1. Kim Burris says:

    Love , love this post! I second everything you said and especially the being in the Now and going to your next new now! Perfect!
    Thanks for putting into writing your joy! I felt it!

    • marni says:

      Aww thank you Kim! I’m glad you liked it. Felt good to write down my thoughts about knitting. It is such a big part of my life and has been obviously 🙂

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