Knitted Baby Booties Tutorial

Knitted baby booties - free knitting pattern

Knitted baby booties – free knitting pattern

After having received some feedback for this pattern courtesy of visits through, it came to my attention that I needed to add some clarification and add two more sizes to it.

This video shows the materials needed, how the booties are constructed and I also demonstrate a few places in the pattern which may be easier to understand by watching. I apologize for the needles clicking on my table during the video. I decided to be silent and just use the pictures and videos as the tutorial. Your feedback is always welcome!

Download the free knitting pattern here.

4 Responses

  1. Mom says:

    very cute, Marni. Yiayia would be proud of you. I have a couple of knitted things she made that i’ll send you – one’s a bootie. love, mom

  2. Trish says:

    Thank you for this pattern. I was looking to use up some worsted yarn and it was great; the video helped. But I have a question with row 12 that isn’t easily seen in the video because of the text on the screen, and the angle of the view. My question is, do you slip the first stitch as in previous rows? The pattern says to purl the middle 7 stitches, it doesn’t say to slip the first one. I found that there is a hole left in the row. I tried slipping and not slipping the stitch, but each method left a hole? Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • marni says:

      Thanks for your comment, Trish. I will update the pattern, but for now here is the more detailed instructions:
      Row 11: (RS): Sl1, (come to marker) K7 (come to marker), SSK. Turn. = 24 (28, 32) sts *For the small size only:
      Row 12: (WS) SL1 (remove place marker) P7 (remove place marker) DO NOT TURN.
      You should not have a hole but if there is a little gap you can tighten it up with a tapestry needle and yarn.

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