Handknit Golf Club Covers

Updated to include stripes for the #5 and #7 clubs!

When asked if I could make some knitted golf club covers for someone, I immediately jumped at the chance. I had knit some years ago for my Dad (in USMC colors) and I was glad to have the chance to knit them again. It’s not often you find a knitting project that a guy will really like and use!

I dug up my old pattern but this time, I modified it using stripes to designate the number of the wood, in the desired school colors (UMHB) for the golfer / ex-football alumni. The pattern consists of ribbing for the shaft, an increase row and stockinette stitch for the body (with stripes along the way), then a row to decrease at the end and gather the stitches with a needle to close. Of course the fun part is making pompoms!

Here is my knitted pattern for golf club covers.
I made three, one for each golf club – numbers 1, 3, and 4. 


Gauge: 16 sts x 24 rows = 4″ x 4″ square


  1. Cast on and evenly divide 36 sts on 3 needles (12 sts per needle).
  2. Proceed in a k2 p2 ribbing for about 9 or 10 inches.
  3. On the last rib row you will increase by 9. I did this by making a stitch on the 2nd knit stitch of the rib pattern. So: K, K+1, P, P, K, K+1, P,P all the way around = 45 sts.

Main body.

  1. Continue in stockinette stitch through row 35. (Knit every row when you use double pointed needles). Follow the pattern below to add stripes:
    Add stripes along the way:
    For the #1 club (1 stripe of 2nd color)
    Knit 2 rows in second color for 1 stripe on rows 18 & 19
    For the #3 club (3 stripes)
    Knit 2 rows in second color for 3 stripes on rows 12 & 13, 18 & 19, 24 & 25
    For the #4 club (4 stripes)
    Knit 2 rows in second color for 4 stripes on rows 6 & 7, 12 & 13, 18 & 19, 24 & 25
    OPTIONAL #5 & #7 clubs:For the #5 Club (5 stripes)
    Knit 2 rows in second color for 5 stripes on rows 10 & 11, 14 & 15, 18 & 19, 22 & 23, 26 & 27

    For the #7 Club (7 stripes)
    Knit 2 rows in second color for 7 stripes on rows 10 & 11, 13 & 14, 16 & 17, 19 & 20, 22 & 23, 25 & 26, 28 & 29

  2. Row 36: K2 tog and repeat around = 23 sts
  3. Cut a long strand of yarn thread the needle and pull through all stitches. Weave in ends.
  4. Make a large pompon and attach it to the top of the golf club cover with careful stitching.


I used both colors in my pompons but you could choose to just use the second color. The instructions for making these can be found online. There are quite a few videos that show how to make pompons using your own cut out pieces of cardboard, which is what I did following this video: DROPS Pompom Technique


14 Responses

  1. June Mackenzie says:

    Dear Marni
    Hope you can help me! I am working on the first golf club cover . just finished the two rows of alternate colour stripe. Next row says to k2tog around to 23 sts. and finish off as directed.
    The photo shows several more rows to knit before finishing. Can you tell me how many more rows to knit before casting off. Thank you!

    • marni says:

      Hi June! Thanks for your comment! The stripes are worked “along the way” which means throughout the body. You end on the 35th row. The 36th row is where you K2 together and repeat around for a total of 23 stitches. Then you cut your yarn and pull it through all the stitches to close the cover at the top. Hope this helps! ~ Marni

  2. June Mackenzie says:

    Hi Marni
    Thank you so much for your help! I understand now!! Thank you also for responding so quickly . –June.

  3. Jackson Z says:


    Your golf club covers look absolutely fantastic! I was wondering if you could make some for my Driver, Utility, 3 Wood + 5 Wood. I of course will pay you but I’m in need of the covers in lime green with the pom pom of course.

    Jackson Zakrewski

  4. Colin says:

    Does anyone have animal patterns for golf club heads? I have been asked if I could make some in style of a panda

    • marni says:

      I found some by searching Ravelry for “animal golf club covers” – that would be my best suggestion 🙂

  5. Dolly says:

    can you show how to do finishing on golf club head covers. The pattern I used was done with size 9 and 10 needles rather than the double needles. I’m a real beginner

    • marni says:

      When you come to the final row you cut a long tail of yarn, us this to thread a large needle and starting with the first stitch (not the one you just finished) put the needle through all stitches and pull, this gathers them all to the top, where the pompom goes. I don’t have a video of myself doing this. Does that make sense? If not I can try and create a video for you.

  6. Sally Crowell says:

    I need help Making the golf club covers got to row 18 and did 2 rows of other color then cannot find how to dec the rest the top part very confused!!!

    • marni says:

      Hi Sally, no matter how many stripes you need, the decreasing will start on the 36th row as per the pattern. So for the cover that has only one stripe, the stripe is made on th 18th and 19th row, then continue knitting in the main color until the 35th row… and then the decreasing starts. Does that answer your question?

  7. Jayanthi says:

    Hi !Marni
    The Golf clubs look amazing. Love the colours u have used.
    The pattern looks pretty simple though its going to be my 1st ever try to impress my Golf crazy hubby Could you tell me if i could use circular needles for this. Never worked on DPN’s and im a bit anxious. Ive knitted hats so looks like its the same idea. Thanks
    Jayanthi Prasad

  8. Sherry says:

    What is the yardage needed for the two skeins of the same color?
    And, can you send a pattern for a number 6 club please?

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