Merry Christmas

A musical gift from my home to yours! Thank you for reading my blog and following me on social media. I love to make things… and I know you do too. Now here’s a little homemade music for Christmas. We’re not perfect, but we have fun!

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  1. Angel says:

    Thank you knitting the shrug lol a different way since the yarn was not available and I live in hot Florida .. Merry Christmas happy Holidays and New Year .. Thank you for videos and blog nice to know you .. I have a question Marni ..My climate is super hot and I also like you do barr etc ballet so I like the shrug but its like 100 degrees here now worse Xmas ever hot high humidity.. So question, u say 4 ply in yarn I bought organic yarn 100% cotton found it heavy and thick.. I like a fine thin knit and needles small can you show a nice shrug for summer weather and easy to make ?? Also how about a poncho with fringe thank you Love your dog too and for your first video it was awesome …Your fan and new friend from South Florida …Angel

    • marni says:

      Oh gosh Angel you are so sweet! I do think a lighter shrug is in order and I will work on it! Thank you!

      • Angel says:

        so great thank I need a little brush up you had inspired me so much I havent knitted since 2006 durring hurricane lol ..I knitted in the dark no electric lol .. I like soft soft baby fine yarn it is hot humid but air conditioning we need our arms covered that is why I love the shrugs ..Happy new Year music was just an added delight on here you both sang so beautifully God Bless … Btw if you ever do anything that is for a better Green world and animal friendly Im vegan and an animal advocate huge voice for those with out .. I also like helping our Rain forests and have links on my website .. I think we can all help with a voice that makes a difference thank you

  2. Lennie Martin says:

    Thank you so much for the musical gift, Marni. I enjoyed it — especially “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

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