T-shirt Balaclava

T-shirt Balaclava

Make your own balaclava from a t-shirt!

Introducing my own T-shirt balaclava for fursuit designers. This is a really great and affordable way to start working on your fursuit head base. In this video tutorial you’ll see how you can make your own balaclava from an old t-shirt, that’s comfortable and breathable to wear.

For you knitters and crocheters, you may be asking, WHY is Marni posting about fursuits? Well it’s a long story that begins with my extremely creative imaginative daughter… and ends with me saying, “Well why not! Let’s do this!”

My daughter is quite a fan of fursuits and so as the awesome mom I am I have to dig in with her and make her dreams come true! It’s been a lot of fun and I have a new respect for the creativity, skills and effort that go into making fursuits.

T-shirt Balaclava

T-shirt Balaclava – Materials

The T-shirt balaclava is sewn with one simple seam. That’s it!

Simply download the printable pattern below, print on two sheets of regular letter size paper, connect the triangles to get the pattern as one piece which you lay on a t-shirt folded inside out. Position the pattern so that the chin is on the folded side of the t-shirt (under the arm).


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  1. Jenny says:

    My 12yo son and I just made one of these. It was so easy, thanks to your pattern and video. Thank you!

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