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Simple Knit Baby Shrug Free Knitting Pattern 0

Simple Knit Baby Shrug

Great accessory for girls – the Simple Knit Baby Shrug One of the comments I received requested a knitting pattern for a Simple Knit Baby Shrug. After doing the math and working the stitches...

Crochet Baby Yoda Hat 2

Baby Yoda Hat Crochet Pattern

Inspired by a special request from my niece and her husband who wanted a special “Yoda hat” for their newborn baby boy. I was given a picture and did research and found a pattern...


Baby Bob Marley Crochet Beanie

So in about 4 months I will become a Great Auntie…again! My nephew to be will have an awesome mom who loves Bob Marley. So…. I had to play with these colors and see...