Wine Cork Initial Wall Hanging

Initial Cork Wall Decor

Initial Cork Wall Decor

What does one do with all those wine corks? Make a Wine Cork Initial Wall Hanging for one thing! I came across this idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I purchased a large letter R at Hobby Lobby. The backside featured two holes for the wall screws, so I knew I could hang it easily.

Before gluing the corks I made sure I had enough by doing a practice layout. Then I had my husband stain the letter with a nice burgundy wood stain that he had from another project. After it dried, I went to work, but honestly I didn’t have a plan.¬† I did separate my corks by categories, either, similar ones, or ones that had sayings, and then¬† I turned on some music, heated up the glue gun and went to work. When I was finished I still had little holes that were too small for a cork to fit in, so I found some little white quartz stones from the beach I had collected and stuck them in places where there were little gaps. So there!


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