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Little Crocheted Pumpkins 0

Little Crocheted Pumpkin

I was so proud of my first little crocheted pumpkin that I made two, then three! One in off-white and two in orange. You can crochet these in no time! Who needs to buy...

Hat Cowl #1 for projectMICA.org madebymarni 0

Hat Cowl #1 for projectMICA.org

What’s a hat cowl you ask? I think I may have just made up the word. It’s a hat. But wait! It’s a cowl! Crochet this fun piece in no time. Not a crocheter?...

Bloom Mandala Centerpiece Pattern 0

Bloom Mandala Centerpiece

In looking for centerpiece ideas I came across the Bloom Mandala Centerpiece pattern by Salena Baca on Ravelry. This mandala, or large crocheted doily, will be the perfect first layer for what will be the...