Guitar stand cozy

Ah the many uses for yarn…. if you can think it you can do it! My poor Martin guitar has been getting scuffed from the very worn out rubber that used to cushion it so nicely in its stand… so I looked at it, then looked through my yarn stash and…crocheted a comfortable cozy 🙂

I simply started with Lion Brand Heartland yarn, but you could use any worsted weight yarn. I picked up a size I crochet hook and began. Chain of 6 to start and then closed with a slip stitch to form a ring, then began just single crocheting around and around… to make a tube that would fit the metal arms. When I reached the length I needed each side to be I slipped it on the guitar stand and took a large eyed needle to sew it all together. Then I wove all the ends together and ta daaaa. Rough instructions I know, but it’s a guide of sorts if you ever want to do this for yourself or someone you know.

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  1. Mom says:

    very clever of you my dear ……..xoxo

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